Beginners Guide to LESS CSS Preprocessor

What is LESS? Less is a CSS Preprocessor. Installing and Compiling Install Node.js using npm ( Node Package Manager ) install LESS globally ( -g ) $ npm install -g less Compile LESS lessc style.less > style.css lessc is used as the command for compiling Error ‘lessc’ is not recognized as an internal or external […]

Beginners Guide to SASS CSS Preprocessor

What is SASS? SASS is a CSS Preprocessor. Installing and compiling Install Ruby More Info : Open Terminal or Command Prompt gem install sass Note : gems is a package manager for Ruby. 3. Check if sass got installed sass -v 4. on a dedicated “test” folder , create two folders “scss” and “css” C:\test […]

Top Website Design Research

Top Website Design Research Points Use F-Shaped Pattern Use Z-Shaped Pattern Don’t let people more than 3 click to find their answer Too many options ensure NONE will be chosen Visitors read long widths of text faster, but prefer shorter widths Your headlines draw even more eyes than images! Image captions are the most consistently […]