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Selenium Firefox Webdriver Python Setup

  Python Code #Packages from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requests import pandas as pd import numpy as np import csv import re from selenium import webdrive #driver = webdriver.Firefox(capabilities={"marionette":False}) caps = webdriver.DesiredCapabilities.FIREFOX caps["marionette"] = False driver = webdriver.Firefox(capabilities=caps) driver.get("https://www.google.com") print (driver.title)   Python Code with Headless Firefox #Packages from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requests import … Continued


check syntax of Nginx's configuration files nginx -t -c /etc/nginx/nginx.conf Debug Command  $ service nginx configtest Apache Server Port number Check netstat -ntpl |grep httpd Related posts: Permanent 301 Redirect Setup in .htaccess cURL error 28: Operation timed out error fix [WordPress]

JavaScript get child Element

Getting inner Div var mainDiv = document.getElementById('mainDiv'), childDiv = mainDiv.getElementsByTagName('div')[0], requiredDiv = childDiv.getElementsByTagName('div')[1];   Related posts: Custom Fields in bbPress Topic Form Don’t use template_redirect always

is_front_page() && is_home() WordPress Default, Static and Blog Page

if ( is_front_page() && is_home() ) { // Default homepage } elseif ( is_front_page()){ //Static homepage } elseif ( is_home()){ //Blog page } else { //everything else } Related posts: Get all category ids in WordPress [Array] Ajax Progress Bar $post Object Output in WordPress Top Website Design Research Click Tracking [Google Analytics] Cross Domain … Continued

gulpfile.js Example SASS CSS

Example of gulpfile.js compiling SASS to CSS Related posts: WordPress function execution order on a Page Load Synchronising between Git and SVN Beginners Guide to LESS CSS Preprocessor Beginners Guide to SASS CSS Preprocessor $post Object Output in WordPress JSON Vs Array in a Database GitIgnore Directory This exceeds GitHub’s file size limit of 100MB … Continued

Add Bootstrap to WordPress admin sub-menu page

Add Bootstrap to a plugin page // custom css and js add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', 'cstm_css_and_js'); function cstm_css_and_js($hook) {     // your-slug => The slug name to refer to this menu used in "add_submenu_page"     // tools_page => refers to Tools top menu, so it's a Tools' sub-menu page     if ( 'tools_page_your-slug' != $hook ) {         return;     }     wp_enqueue_style('boot_css', plugins_url('inc/bootstrap.css',__FILE__ … Continued

Synchronising between Git and SVN

Synchronizing updates between the two repositories. 1. Clone the GitHub Repo SSH $ git clone git@github.com:Praison/seo-wordpress.git HTTPS $ git clone https://github.com/Praison/seo-wordpress.git 2. Change into the Directory $ cd seo-wordpress 3. Set Up a Subversion tracking branch $ git branch --no-track svnsync $ git checkout svnsync $ git svn init -s https://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/seo-wordpress/ --prefix=origin/ $ git svn … Continued

Bower JSON Dependencies Installation file

Bower.JSON Bower.JSON file, which is used to Configure the Dependencies Related posts: WordPress function execution order on a Page Load WP_Query Get Posts Published in the last 24 hours This exceeds GitHub’s file size limit of 100MB GitIgnore Directory JSON Vs Array in a Database $post Object Output in WordPress Ajax Progress Bar Get all … Continued

Unable to connect to github.com

Example Code to run Git config global URL from git://github.com to https://github.com git config --global url.https://github.com/.insteadOf git://github.com/ This replaces git: to https: Solution to Issues such as bower install stops with error : fatal: unable to connect to github.com Related posts: This exceeds GitHub’s file size limit of 100MB GitIgnore Directory Git : Revert back … Continued

BrightonSEO Slides

BrigtonSEO Slides September 2017 https://praison.com/blog/brightonseo-slides-september-2017/ BrigtonSEO Slides April 2017 https://praison.com/blog/brightonseo-slides-april-2017/ Related posts: BrightonSEO Slides September 2017 BrightonSEO Slides April 2017

BrightonSEO Slides September 2017

Christoph C. Cemper - How to increase your traffic 5x with this one SEO method Peter Nikolow - Quick and Dirty Server-side tweaks to improve your SEO Ric Rodriguez – The SEOs Guide To JavaScript  Bobbi Brant – How to Get Top Links With an Unknown Brand and No Budget Kostas Voudouris – Performance-based optimisation using Google Search Console API Stephan Solomonidis – Using Natural Language APIs … Continued

BrightonSEO Slides April 2017

Purna Virji – Keywordless Searches: How Your Camera is the New Search Box Will Cecil – Developing an enterprise level SEO data strategy – challenges and experiences from the frontline Tom Capper – Links & rankings: The story in the data Neill Horie – SEO & Artificial Intelligence Optimisation Lotty Chudley – Persuading Consumers to Part with Their Cash: Tips & Tricks for Conversion Marco … Continued

Git : Revert back to Previous Revision

Revert back to Previous version in git Required Get the REVISIONNUMBER ( Revision number ) of the previous Revision which you want the files to revert back to. Here is how you could revert back to previous Revision in git git reset --hard REVISIONNUMBER git push --force Caution This will delete all yours commits made … Continued

SSH : Change Owner of files and folders

Change Owner of All files within a Folder Here is how to change Owner of Files and Folders in SSH as a Bulk Login to SSH Run chown -R user:usergroup /location/of/the/folder/* Change Owner of one file chown user:usergroup /location/of/the/folder/file-name.php Find the list of files under a Owner find /location/of/the/folder/ -user USERNAME

Featured Snippet Examples and Patterns

Featured Snippet Patterns: 1. Point based Paragraph ending with : "Here are the list of steps" "Follow these steps" HTML Tag : <p> Followed by points HTML Tags : <ul><li>, <ol><li>, <b>, <strong> Other HTML patterns: Series of <H3> under a <h2> Series of <strong> under a <h2> Series of <strong> Numbers under <h2> or <h3> … Continued

Grunt Minify and Combine CSS

What is Grunt ? Javascript Task Runner. https://gruntjs.com/ Minify every CSS file within a folder Combine and Minify CSS files Run two scripts together   Related posts: Beginners Guide to SASS CSS Preprocessor Beginners Guide to LESS CSS Preprocessor

Beginners Guide to LESS CSS Preprocessor

What is LESS? Less is a CSS Preprocessor. http://lesscss.org/ Installing and Compiling Install Node.js https://nodejs.org/en/ using npm ( Node Package Manager ) install LESS globally ( -g ) $ npm install -g less Compile LESS lessc style.less > style.css lessc is used as the command for compiling Error 'lessc' is not recognized as an internal or external … Continued

Beginners Guide to SASS CSS Preprocessor

What is SASS? SASS is a CSS Preprocessor. http://sass-lang.com/ Installing and compiling Install Ruby https://rubyinstaller.org/ More Info : http://sass-lang.com/install Open Terminal or Command Prompt gem install sass Note : gems is a package manager for Ruby. 3. Check if sass got installed sass -v 4. on a dedicated "test" folder , create two folders "scss" and "css" C:\test … Continued

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