Git : Revert back to Previous Revision

Revert back to Previous version in git


  • Get the REVISIONNUMBER ( Revision number ) of the previous Revision which you want the files to revert back to.

Here is how you could revert back to previous Revision in git

  1. git reset --hard REVISIONNUMBER
  2. git push --force


This will delete all yours commits made between the REVISIONNUMBER and the CURRENT Revisionnumber

SSH : Change Owner of files and folders

Change Owner of All files within a Folder

Here is how to change Owner of Files and Folders in SSH as a Bulk

  • Login to SSH
  • Run
    chown -R user:usergroup /location/of/the/folder/*

Change Owner of one file

chown user:usergroup /location/of/the/folder/file-name.php

Find the list of files under a Owner

find /location/of/the/folder/ -user USERNAME

Featured Snippet Examples and Patterns

Featured Snippet Patterns:

1. Point based

  • Paragraph ending with :
    • "Here are the list of steps"
    • "Follow these steps"

HTML Tag : <p>

  • Followed by points

HTML Tags : <ul><li>, <ol><li>, <b>, <strong>

    • Other HTML patterns:
      • Series of <H3> under a <h2>
      • Series of <strong> under a <h2>
      • Series of <strong> Numbers under <h2> or <h3>
      • <ul><li><strong>Title 1</strong><p>Description</p></li><li><strong>Title 2....</ul>

2. Paragraph based

  • Followed by a H1, H2, H3 tag - HTML Tags : <h1>, <h2>, <h3>
  • Recommended Paragraph word count 42–58 words - HTML Tag : <p>

3. Table Based

  • Tag the table as <table>

Here are some examples of Featured Snippet:

1. Inbound Sales

Source :

2. How to use excel Shortcuts


3. how to set default browser and email

Source :

4. How to set default browser email

Source :

5. How to make an animated GIF in Photoshop

Source :

6. How to write a press release

Source :

7. How to write a press release examples

Source :

8. How to write a press release with examples

Source :

Beginners Guide to LESS CSS Preprocessor

What is LESS?

Less is a CSS Preprocessor.

Installing and Compiling

  1. Install Node.js
  2. using npm ( Node Package Manager ) install LESS globally ( -g )
    1. $ npm install -g less
  3. Compile LESS

lessc style.less > style.css
  • lessc is used as the command for compiling


'lessc' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Solution for this Error

Compiling LESS

node C:\Folder\Name\node_modules\less\bin\lessc style.less > style.css

Note : \Folder\Name should be the folder in which the node_modules have been installed.

Beginners Guide to SASS CSS Preprocessor

What is SASS?

SASS is a CSS Preprocessor.

Installing and compiling

  1. Install Ruby
    • More Info :
  2. Open Terminal or Command Prompt
gem install sass

Note : gems is a package manager for Ruby.

3. Check if sass got installed

sass -v

4. on a dedicated "test" folder , create two folders "scss" and "css"




5. In the Terminal or Command Prompt


Compile SASS

--watch command

--watch command is used to constantly monitor style.scss file for any changes and compile it as soon any change happens.

C:\test> sass --watch scss:css

sass --watch scss:css

--watch dedicated file

To watch dedicated file style.scss and style.css

sass --watch style.scss:style.css

style.scss is the main file

style.css is the complied file

Minify SASS

sass --watch scss:css --style compressed

Get all category ids in WordPress [Array]

Choose either one of these options to Get all category ids in WordPress as an Array

Get all category ids, Option 1

$output_categories = array();
 foreach($categories as $category) { 
 $output_categories[] = $category->cat_ID;

Get all category ids, Option 2

$categories_ids = get_terms(
 array( 'category' ), // Taxonomies
 array( 'fields' => 'ids' ) // Fields

$post Object Output in WordPress

WP_Post Object

WP_Post Object
 [ID] =>
 [post_author] =>
 [post_date] =>
 [post_date_gmt] =>
 [post_content] =>
 [post_title] =>
 [post_excerpt] =>
 [post_status] =>
 [comment_status] =>
 [ping_status] =>
 [post_password] =>
 [post_name] =>
 [to_ping] =>
 [pinged] =>
 [post_modified] =>
 [post_modified_gmt] =>
 [post_content_filtered] =>
 [post_parent] =>
 [guid] =>
 [menu_order] =>
 [post_type] =>
 [post_mime_type] =>
 [comment_count] =>
 [filter] =>